Rainwater Harvesting

Vancouver Island has a bounty of rain that can be used to our advantage. Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that is seeing a resurgence as our global environment changes. New technology allows us to collect rainwater on a much larger scale than rain barrels, compiling a substantial store of water that will be available during dry periods.

Resource management is becoming increasingly important as we develop awareness of human impacts on the environment, and sustainable practices are necessary to protect the earth from the detrimental effects of depleting resources. Water is essential for life, and it is not an unlimited resource. You can contribute to the sustainability of water through rainwater harvesting.

The system is installed adjacent to your perimeter drainage system. The two work together to remove water from around your home and store it for later use, rather than simply draining it away. It is especially advantageous to install the harvesting system in conjunction with perimeter drain repairs or installation, since we are already working in the area.

Our CANARM (Canadian Association for Rainwater Management) certified professional will provide invaluable advice on which type of harvesting system will best suit your needs, including details such as filtration systems, permits and potential tax rebates.

The Benefits

Utilize nature’s gifts

Rain is a gift as well as a challenge. Our water table is often drastically lowered during the summer season, and the rainy winter provides welcome relief. Harvest the bounty of rain while it lasts, and ensure you have water all year round.

Go green

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable method of water resource management, allowing you to collect chemical-free water directly from the environment. This water can be used for washing clothes, watering your garden, flushing toilets and more without depleting city reservoirs or wells.

Prepare for emergencies

The summer months are often very dry on the Island, and drought is not uncommon. Having your own reservoir of water ensures that you will still be able to water your garden during the dry season, even during water restrictions.

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