Perimeter Drain Repair & Replacement

Moisture problems are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Sometimes the evidence points to a clear culprit. For example, a leak at the joint of the wall and floor commonly indicates problems with the perimeter drain, foundation or slab. Sometimes the evidence is less obvious. A rusty drywall screw or mold growth on baseboards, for example, could be caused by crack in the foundation, or it could simply mean a problem with chronically high interior humidity (a surprisingly common issue in both new and renovated homes).

For these reasons, it’s critical to determine the cause of a problem before you embark on a solution. That’s where a perimeter drain inspection is paramount. Our drainage experts will inspect your perimeter drain (sometimes called a drain tile) with a variety of techniques, including a camera, to see if you have a blockage. We may also dig exterior test holes down to the foundation at various locations to visually confirm the condition of your exterior basement wall and perimeter drain.

If your drain tile is the cause of the water leak, we’ll clearly explain the options available to you, which may include a localized line repair instead of a full-scale perimeter drain replacement. In some cases, it makes more sense to replace the line (for example, if you have an older home with decaying clay tiles, it’s a good preventative measure to bring it up to code). The replacement process is detailed and includes:

  • pulling permits
  • laying plywood to protect your lawn
  • removing and replacing any obstacles such as concrete, decks, plants or stairs
  • cleaning, inspecting, repairing and treating the foundation to protect your foundation from future leaks
  • managing municipal inspections
  • hauling away debris and fully cleaning the site

It is critical to install perimeter drainage systems properly to protect your home from moisture and leaks. We look after every detail to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely, while minimizing the disruption to your home and yard.

The Benefits

Turnkey service

Pulling permits, excavating, replacing landscaping and pathways: we take care of the work from start to finish to save you the headache of coordinating multiple contractors.

Preserve your yard

We are, as far as we know, the only Victoria company to offer a hand excavation option to protect your landscaping from the damage of excavation machines and Bobcats.

Prevent future leaks

If you’re buying an older home or renovating the basement in one, repairing and waterproofing your foundation might be your best choice. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve brought the home up to modern standards and done everything possible to protect your investment.

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Perimeter Drains

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