The Importance of Drain Inspections

Poor drainage can be catastrophic for a home and family. Cracked foundations, rotting wood, black mold leading to asthma and breathing issues are just a few of the potential problems. The cost to repair these drainage and moisture problems can end up being an enormous amount of money. It’s important to have all the information to make an educated decision. Professional drainage inspections Victoria BC are vital to preventing major problems, due to such a high amount of precipitation here. Whether you’re building a house, deciding which house to purchase or doing a major renovation project it is important to

5 Questions to Ask a Victoria Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Hiring a waterproofing contractor in Victoria BC can be difficult. Here are 5 questions you can ask them to ensure you’re making a sound decision. #1 May I see your license and insurance certificate As with anyone you allow into your home to do work, always ask to see their info. If they don’t have insurance, you’re liable for injuries. A license, although it doesn’t ensure they’ll do a great job, is a factor to making sure they are accredited. #2 How much experience do you have waterproofing in Victoria BC? And yes, get specific about the location! We have

How to Detect a Basement Water Leak

For many Victoria BC homeowners, a home with a basement is a bonus that provides versatile added square footage. Some envision a home workshop, a playroom, guest bedroom, “man cave” or simply extra storage. Nothing can spoil your enjoyment of this space like stepping onto a squishy carpet one day or noticing a puddle forming at the foot of the stairs. Finding a leak in an unfinished basement is much easier than in your finished basement, where it could be hidden behind drywall or resilient flooring. Finding a leak in a finished basement The spot where you discovered water accumulation

How To Properly Grade Your Yard

When summer in Victoria is long gone and it is time to store the patio furniture, barbecue and garden tools, but before you pack those away there is one last project that might need your attention. Are you aware of the impact that poor grading (the level of the ground around your home) can have on where stormwater will flow? Positive and Negative Grading The difference is as basic as it sounds: positive grading is good and negative could have unfortunate results if not corrected. When properly done, positive grading directs stormwater away from your home, while with negative grading

5 Facts About the Impact of Downspout Water

You may not think too much about your gutters and downspouts. But the water has to properly drain somewhere. Here are 5 facts about the impact of downspout water. 1) For a home with a 1000 square foot roof, 1 inch of rainfall feeds 623 gallons of water into the gutters and downspouts. If the roof empties into 4 downspouts that aren’t extended, than means each spout is dumping 150 gallons of water beside your foundation. 2) Rain barrels can be used to collect and reuse rainwater for watering gardens and hold about 50 gallons each. Recently the City of

Mike Holmes: How to Keep Your Basements Dry

Mike Holmes (From HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes”) explains why your basement is a critical part in your homes overall health. He explains the steps, and measures you can take if you suspect that your homes basement may have symptoms of excessive moisture buildup. Re-printed with Permission from Mike Holmes. Download large version for easy reading.