5 Questions to Ask a Victoria Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Hiring a waterproofing contractor in Victoria BC can be difficult. Here are 5 questions you can ask them to ensure you’re making a sound decision.

#1 May I see your license and insurance certificate

As with anyone you allow into your home to do work, always ask to see their info. If they don’t have insurance, you’re liable for injuries. A license, although it doesn’t ensure they’ll do a great job, is a factor to making sure they are accredited.

#2 How much experience do you have waterproofing in Victoria BC?

And yes, get specific about the location! We have such a moist climate that someone who has been waterproofing in Edmonton isn’t going to have the same knowledge as a contractor who has thirty years in Victoria.

#3 May I have a few references?

Get references and call them. Important to note is when the work was done. Especially with waterproofing in Victoria. If the work was done a couple months ago it doesn’t really give an indication of how long it will last. Look for references that are at least a few years old.

#4 What repair solution do you propose and why will it fix my moisture problems?

This step requires you to do a little homework. Research waterproofing and perimeter drains Victoria and see what answers you come up with. If your contractor proposes a different solution be sure to discuss it with them. Make sure you understand the issue and proposed solution before going ahead with any work.

#5 Describe the Work in Detail

Get a really good idea of what they will be doing. Ask for specifics and details. For example, if they’re digging ask how deep, how wide and how long. What type of materials will they be using and how does that fit with the research you’ve done. What quality are the materials? With most things, you get what you pay for. If your contractor cheaps out on product and then charges you top dollar, it could make for a disaster.

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