The Importance of Drain Inspections

Poor drainage can be catastrophic for a home and family. Cracked foundations, rotting wood, black mold leading to asthma and breathing issues are just a few of the potential problems. The cost to repair these drainage and moisture problems can end up being an enormous amount of money. It’s important to have all the information to make an educated decision.

Professional drainage inspections Victoria BC are vital to preventing major problems, due to such a high amount of precipitation here. Whether you’re building a house, deciding which house to purchase or doing a major renovation project it is important to assess the potential for drainage problems, so you know ahead of time what you will need to deal with.

Foregoing a drainage inspection and doing it yourself means you could miss the signs to look for. There is more to the inspection than looking for standing ground water or assessing for foundation leaks. The best thing about a professional drainage inspection is that they will be able to see the problems before they cause damage and suggest solutions or repairs. A knowledgeable and experienced drainage inspector in Victoria will know what repairs and products work in our west coast climate, because the years of assessing what doesn’t work here.

For those who already have a moisture problems getting an inspection is the best way to assess what the cause of the problem is, rather than just hiring a contractor and hoping their work will alleviate the problem. A drainage inspector can assess where the actual problem is, rather than guessing. The inspector can test whether the perimeter drain is working properly or whether the problem is the house itself. Knowing this is imperative to having the correct work done.

Do not ignore moisture problems.

The longer moisture and drainage problems are left to fester the higher the cost to repair them. Instead give us a call to help with your Victoria waterproofing solutions.